Cans for Conservation

Area Youth Act Locally & Impact Globally
Each year Sunset Zoo engages in a regional recycling campaign with local schools through the Cans for Conservation program. From mid-February to mid-April, area youth recycle aluminum cans in friendly competition with other schools. Ultimately, recycling proceeds benefit the Zoo's conservation efforts making a difference in the lives of animals around the world. Everyone wins - area youth turn recycling into a habit and learn how local, grassroots efforts can make an impact globally!

During the campaign, each student is challenged to collect at least two pounds of aluminum (approximately 64 cans). All schools that meet this goal receive free entry into Sunset Zoo for each student and teacher during the Zoo's annual Earth Day celebration in late April. The school with the highest number of pounds collected also receives a free Zoo Ambassador Program for the entire school and the traveling Cans for Conservation trophy.

How to Participate
Students must recycle through a participating Cans for Conservation school. During the campaign, Sunset Zoo will provide free, weekly programs to the entire school while also picking up that week's recycling collection. In return, area schools are asked to identify a Cans for Conservation champion and continually motivate students to recycle! To learn how your school can get involved, contact the Zoo's Education Department.