Notifications & Permission Forms

Notifications by Email or Text

Enrolled in a Sunset Zoo class or camp this summer? Sign up to receive text or email alerts regarding program emergencies, reminders and general happenings. Messages will engage parents about their children's experiences, as well as alert parents to any emergencies and the procedures the Zoo has implemented. Sign up by class below:

Permission Forms - By Season & Activity

To participate in Sunset Zoo's Classes and Camps, parents/guardians must complete a permission form packet for each participating youth. Due to State of Kansas licensing requirements, the type of forms needed varies with each program. Parents/guardians should download and complete only the Permission Forms associated with the activity their child is enrolled in. 

Due to privacy and safety issues, a new set of forms must be completed once per school year and once per summer session. Please complete a different set of forms for each child.

2016 Fall - 2017 Winter/Spring Programs

Additional Forms