Sunset Zoo's Rules & Regulations

Sunset Zoo strives to create a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests as well as the animal collection. We ask that you respect the following rules and regulations:

No Smoking
For the health of our guests, staff and animals, Sunset Zoo is a smoke-free environment. Guests wishing to smoke are asked to go to the end of the Zoo’s main parking lot. Hand stamps provided at the ticket booth allow reentry.

No Pets, Service Animals are Permitted
Pets present health, safety and quarantine issues and are not allowed on Zoo grounds, including the parking lot and inside parked cars. Trained service animals, as defined under applicable federal and state laws, are permitted, however some exhibit areas may be restricted if the presence of the service animal creates a safety hazard or a fundamental alteration to the exhibit. Guests with service animals should notify Guest Services upon arrival

Do Not Feed the Animals
Feeding animals is prohibited. Zoo animals are provided well-balanced diets and outside food can cause illness.

Respect the Animals
Do not make loud sounds, bang on windows, throw objects into exhibits, harass or tease the animals.

Stay on Paved, Public Pathways
Pathways, guardrails, fences, and barriers must be respected at all times for the safety of both the guests and the animals. Placing children on or over exhibit handrails or fencing is absolutely prohibited.

Walk, Don't Ride
Only wheelchairs and power-driven mobility devices allowed by the Americans with Disabilities Act are permitted on Zoo premises. Bicycles (or anything with pedals used for propulsion), skates (in-line, in shoes, under boards or otherwise), are prohibited. You are welcome to bring your own wheelchair, stroller or wagon. The Zoo also offers strollers and wagons for rent.

No Glass, Disposable Straws, Lids or Balloons
You are welcome to bring a cooler, but please omit the above items that are hazardous to animals. Keep our Zoo beautiful by placing trash and recyclables in designated receptacles.

No Alcohol or Illegal Drugs
Illegal drugs are prohibited. Alcohol is only permitted on Zoo grounds in conjunction with private event rentals or Sunset Zoo approved events.

Shirt and Shoes Required At All Times
Sunset Zoo is a family environment. Please exercise decorum while visiting.

Photography at the Park
During your visit, guests are welcome to photograph the Zoo and its animal collection for personal use. If you are using Zoo images for commercial purposes, please contact Zoo administration. While visiting Sunset Zoo, you may be photographed or filmed by a City of Manhattan employee or contractor. Your admission to the Sunset Zoo serves as your permission for use of your image by Sunset Zoo/City of Manhattan, KS.

Any guest found in violation of the above rules and regulations may be asked to leave the Zoo. Contact Zoo staff if you have concerns with other guests during your visit.