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In November 2019, Sunset Zoo was awarded a Party for the Planet® Spring into Action grant through the Association of Zoos in Aquariums.  This grant supports Sunset Zoo’s social media campaign, Earth Day 50 for 50, to help families celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.  To fully realize the potential of this campaign, Sunset Zoo has since worked with numerous partners on this campaign and other Earth Day celebrations.  Beyond the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Sunset Zoo has partnered with the Kansas Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (KACEE), K-State’s Students for Environmental Action, and many more individuals and organizations across the Manhattan, Kansas region.

The Campaign 

Earth Day to World’s Ocean Day 

10 weeks of activities for everyone! 

April 18 - June 28

Weekly challenges posted on social media

Party for the Planet® is the collective celebration of wildlife and wild places among the over 230 accredited members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.  The celebration starts on Earth Day in April and ends on World’s Ocean Day in June every year.  To celebrate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, Sunset Zoo is launching a 50 action campaign, Earth Day 50 for 50.  This campaign, modeled after KACEE’s 50 for 50 campaign in 2019, will span 10 weeks covering the entire Party for the Planet® timeframe.  Each Sunday, starting on April 19, Sunset Zoo will post on its Facebook page a list of 5 actions individuals and families can take over the course of the week to better our Earth.  We ask you and your family to:

  • Pick one or more of those actions to engage in at home or in your neighborhood.

 Take a picture of yourself in action, and then post the picture on social media with #SunsetZoo5050.          

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  •  We will track who participated during the week and hold a live Facebook event to announce the winner of the weekly prize on Tuesday over the lunch hour.  
  • Each action you engage in throughout the week will get you and your family one entry into the weekly prize drawing.

To support you along the way, we will provide updated resources weekly that can be found in the links to the left.  If you have questions or need additional support beyond what gets posted each week, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Sunset Zoo team by clicking here.

In Response To COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all our celebrations and initiatives around Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary, except for the Earth Day 50 for 50 Campaign, are being postponed. New dates will be announced later this year.  While participating in our Earth Day 50 for 50, please follow all CDC recommendations for social distancing and staying safe during the pandemic.  We also want families to follow all local health department and state recommendations and orders.  Please, do not engage in an activity if you do not feel you can do so safely.

Week 6 Challenge

Week 6