Zoo Wish List

Support Sunset Zoo by donating items from the Zoo's Wish List. Your donation will make a significant impact on maintaining quality animal care, education programs and the overall Zoo experience. Sunset Zoo appreciates the continued support and generosity from donors like you.

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Animal Care Department

  • newspaper
  • cardboard egg crates
  • small DVD player with repeat function
  • small CD & radio "boombox"
  • large & jumbo-sized crates
  • glass cook top stove for commissary
  • dried fruit for animal enrichment
  • boomer balls (indestructible animal enrichment balls)
  • new nylon rope
  • large and small kongs
  • hard hats
  • little tykes style toys, slides, etc.
  • hard-sided kiddie pools
  • new spices & scents
  • pet & cat toys
  • fresh unopened cereal, peanut butter, honey, jello, baby food, frozen food, canned pumpkin
  • Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot or Staples gift certificates

Other Common Shopping List/Household Items

  • applesauce
  • jello mixes
  • plain gelatin
  • mixed nuts
  • bottles of fruit juice
  • peanut butter
  • blankets with no holes
  • towels with no holes
  • sheets with no holes
  • brown paper sacks 
  • wiffle balls 
  • tennis balls
  • whole coconuts
  • banana tree leaves
  • bags of whole unsalted peanuts
  • fleece material, large material scraps

Maintenance & Horticulture Departments

  • hand tools
  • garden tools
  • engine powered push mowers
  • perennial plant divisions
  • large plastic or ceramic flower pots/urns
  • ceramic or concrete bird baths

Education Department

  • large, x-large  and small plastic Kritter Keepers
  • Screech owl house
  • 15" deep pool with drain spout and ramp for a duck
  • pipe cleaners
  • new washable markers
  • "cool to the touch" glue guns & glue sticks
  • construction paper
  • Crayola "model magic" clay
  • tempera paint all colors
  • pencils
  • erasers
  • pony beads
  • colored pencils
  • permanent markers
  • large craft pom-poms
  • colored foam sheets
  • bulk jugs of Elmer's glue
  • kid's books featuring animal characters (new or gently used)
  • Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot or Staples gift certificates

Conservation Department

Animal Training Aids 

  • Musical keyboard that is battery powered
  • Puzzle feeders
  • Heavy duty puzzle feeders
  • Animal hide away caves or logs
  • Plastic plants
  • chew toys
  • Sea Grass
  • Large stock tank