ChimpanzeePhoto by Kristin Copeland

Scientific Name: Pan troglodytes
Chimpanzees have long arms, fingers and mobile shoulder joints that allow them to move with ease through the trees, but most of their movement takes place on the ground in the form of “knuckle-walking.”

  • Size: Weight: Males 80 to 154 pounds, females 57 to 110 pounds; Height: 39 to 67 inches when standing; Arm span is 1 1/the height of the individual
  • Diet: Mostly ripe fruits and leafy plant parts, supplemented by a variety of insects, small vertebrates and eggs; also known to hunt mammals such as bush pigs and monkeys
  • Habitat: Mostly tropical forests and some savanna
  • Range in the Wild: Central Africa

Conservation Status

Listed as Endangered. Major threats include loss of habitat and habitat quality.

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