Animal Ambassador Programs

These themed, live-animal programs bring a variety of conservation, environmental and science topics to life. Animal Ambassador Programs typically last 30 to 45 minutes and are a great enhancement to a Zoo visit, your classroom or your group's next meeting.

Fees & Booking Information

To book your program, contact Tammy Jones by email or call 785-587-2737. Two weeks advance notice required.

At the Zoo$105 + Admission
Outside the Zoo$145 + Mileage*

*mileage is charged for groups outside of Manhattan only

Multiple Program Discount

Receive $25 off each additional program when scheduling multiple programs during one visit. Must be scheduled within an hour of the previous program's ending.

Schools & 501c3 Non-Profits in Manhattan

On-site programs at the Zoo are charged at the rates above. Off-site programs are free except in May when above rates apply. Non-profits must present 501c3 IRS letter of determination.

Program Themes By Grade

The Animal Basics
Group Size: 30 or less
Connects to KCCRSS: K-LS1-1
KindergartenJoin Sunset Zoo staff in an animal exploration that focuses on the basic needs animals have for survival. While on this exploration, we'll look for patterns between the needs of different animals, and we'll connect and relate those needs to our own lives
Animal Survival
Group Size: 30 or less
Connects to KCCRSS: 1-LS1-1
First (1)
Explore with Sunset Zoo staff how animals use their external structures to survival, grow, and meet their needs. We'll observe multiple animals and numerous animal artifacts to investigate these structures, and, who knows, we may figure out ways animals do things we can't!
Diversity of Life 
Group Size: 30 or less
Connects to KCCRSS: 2-LS4-1
Second (2)Join Sunset Zoo staff on an adventure to examine the unique structures of numerous animals.  We will compare and contrast the various structures we're able to identify to try and decipher how each helps them survive in different habitats.
Organisms & Their Habitats 
Group Size: 30 or less
Connects to KCCRSS: 3-LS4-3
Third (3)Combining past knowledge with in-person observations, Sunset Zoo staff will guide participants through an exploration of animal adaptations.  Using this understanding, participants will go on to construct arguments regarding the habitats in which the animals would best thrive.
Diversity of Life 
Group Size: 30 or less
Connects to KCCRSS: 4-LS1-1
Fourth (4)Join Sunset Zoo staff on an animal adventure to examine the unique characteristics of numerous animals.  We will compare and contrast the various characteristics they have that help them each survive in different habitats.

Large Group Program Themes

Groovin' With the Animals (preschool - 2nd)
Group Size: Any

Examine the structures of animals by demonstrating different types of movements used. Participants will run, jump, and move as they interact with live animals and see animal artifacts representing animals that move in similar fashion. This interactive ZAP gets young kids up and moving while they explore the animal kingdom.

Animals Around the World (any age)

Group Size: Any

Inspire appreciation of the natural world. Groups will experience live animals and animal artifacts representing wildlife from all corners of the world and numerous different habitat.  Join us for this unique exploration.