When is the best time to visit Sunset Zoo?

Any time is a good time but if you want the best chance of seeing the animals active it is typically best to visit right when we open, particularly in the warmer months. At this time, the animals are headed out into their public exhibits and grabbing something to eat. By mid-afternoon (after 4:30pm) the animals are ready for a nap, much like us!

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1. What happens to the Sunset Zoo animals in the winter?
2. When is the best time to visit Sunset Zoo?
3. Why is Sunset Zoo not open later every day?
4. When is the Concession Stand open? When is the Gift Shop open?
5. Do you offer military discounts?
6. Do you offer senior discounts?
7. Do you have wheelchairs or electric wheelchairs available?
8. Can I bring my pet into the Sunset Zoo?
9. Can I bring my service animal into Sunset Zoo?
10. What items are not allowed at Sunset Zoo?
11. Can I feed the animals?
12. Can I bring outside food and drink into Sunset Zoo? Where can I eat?
13. Do you have wagons or strollers to rent?
14. I see a guest acting inappropriately towards an animal, another guest, and/or zoo property? What do I do?
15. What is the loud booming noises that seems to shake Manhattan, KS?
16. What is that loud siren on the first Monday of each month?
17. Does Sunset Zoo offer group rates?
18. Can Sunset Zoo do education program on and off grounds?
19. Do you have a space for breastfeeding or nursing mothers?
20. Why are FOSZ Memberships digital now?